Eight days of dancing, creativity, teamwork, and more dancing!



And we give you a free gift



from the video library of the Dancetination Studio!


Date: July 2021 12 - 19.

Age group: 7 - 18 years

Location: Tata Youth Camp 2890. Tata, Fáklya u. 4.

Fee: 76500.-

Accommodation will be in 4-6 bedded rooms at the Youth Camp next to the beach of Lake Tata.

We gonna travel by private bus back and forth.

Meals are also provided on-site. (In case of food sensitivity, please contact the camp leaders.)

In the morning, after a yoga warm-up together, professional classes follow, where the children receive lessons and new impulses from well-known and new teachers according to their knowledge. After lunch, a short rest and beach time is the program. In the evenings we gonna do workshops and choreography making, where children can learn to work in a team, direct and follow and create together. We color the days with dance history fun facts with the related screening and team games.


To apply, you need to register with our database manager. (MotiBro)

If you are applying with more than one child, enter your own parental details when registering, and then you can apply more than once on behalf of your children by selecting the "Másvalaki nevében jelentkezem" option. From here, you can switch between your own "athlete" and parent profile by clicking on the portrait silhouette in the upper right corner. With the parent profile, you will be able to take care of the children's affairs.

After registration, you will find the class called Dance Camp 2021 in the "Bejelentkezés órára" menu. (This is listed as an hour, but is for the entire camp.)

We can also contact you with camp affairs and further information through MotiBro.


The payment only can be dealt with in person due to mediated costs. You can give it to the camp managers in an envelope with the child's name on it.

You can find your gift video in the calendar by clicking on the "Mozgás naplóm" menu on July 12 ;)

For more information contact the camp managers:

Luca Németh +36 30 397 6736

Anikó Sveges +36 30 9 505 727